The Yardstick framework, the Yardstick test cases are open-source software,
licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

1.1. Yardstick Release Notes

1.1.1. Abstract

This document compiles the release notes for the Gambia release of OPNFV Yardstick.

1.1.2. Version History

Date Version Comment
November 9, 2018 7.0.0 Yardstick for Gambia release
December 14, 2018 7.1.0 Yardstick for Gambia release
January 25, 2019 7.2.0 Yardstick for Gambia release

1.1.3. Important Notes

The software delivered in the OPNFV Yardstick Project, comprising the Yardstick framework, and the Yardstick test cases is a realization of the methodology in ETSI-ISG NFV-TST001.

The Yardstick framework is installer, infrastructure and application independent.

1.1.4. OPNFV Gambia Release

This Gambia release provides Yardstick as a framework for NFVI testing and OPNFV feature testing, automated in the OPNFV CI pipeline, including:

  • Documentation generated with Sphinx
    • User Guide
    • Developer Guide
    • Release notes (this document)
    • Results
  • Automated Yardstick test suite (daily, weekly)
    • Jenkins Jobs for OPNFV community labs
  • Automated Yardstick test results visualization
    • Dashboard using Grafana (user:opnfv/password: opnfv), influxDB is used as backend
  • Yardstick framework source code
  • Yardstick test cases yaml files
  • Yardstick plug-in configuration yaml files, plug-in install/remove scripts

For Gambia release, the Yardstick framework is used for the following testing:

  • OPNFV platform testing - generic test cases to measure the categories:
    • Compute
    • Network
    • Storage
  • OPNFV platform network service benchmarking (NSB)
    • NSB
  • Test cases for the following OPNFV Projects:
    • Container4NFV
    • High Availability
    • IPv6
    • KVM
    • Parser
    • StorPerf
    • VSperf

The Yardstick framework is developed in the OPNFV community, by the Yardstick team.


The test case description template used for the Yardstick test cases is based on the document ETSI-ISG NFV-TST001; the results report template used for the Yardstick results is based on the IEEE Std 829-2008.

1.1.5. Release Data

1.1.6. Deliverables Documents

  • User Guide: <yardstick:userguide>
  • Developer Guide: <yardstick:devguide> Software Deliverables List of Contexts

Context Description
Heat Models orchestration using OpenStack Heat
Node Models Baremetal, Controller, Compute
Standalone Models VM running on Non-Managed NFVi
Kubernetes Models VM running on Non-Managed NFVi List of Runners


Yardstick Gambia 7.0.0 adds 1 new Runner, “IterationIPC”.

Runner Description
Arithmetic Steps every run arithmetically according to specified input value
Duration Runs for a specified period of time
Iteration Runs for a specified number of iterations
IterationIPC Runs a configurable number of times before it returns. Each iteration has a configurable timeout.
Sequence Selects input value to a scenario from an input file and runs all entries sequentially
Dynamictp A runner that searches for the max throughput with binary search
Search A runner that runs a specific time before it returns List of Scenarios

Category Delivered


  • baremetal, process

HA tools:

  • check host, openstack, process, service
  • kill process
  • start/stop service


  • command, process
  • cpuload
  • cyclictest
  • lmbench
  • lmbench_cache
  • perf
  • unixbench
  • ramspeed
  • cachestat
  • memeoryload
  • computecapacity
  • SpecCPU2006
  • iperf3
  • netperf
  • netperf_node
  • ping
  • ping6
  • pktgen
  • sfc
  • sfc with tacker
  • networkcapacity
  • netutilization
  • nstat
  • pktgenDPDK
Parser Tosca2Heat
  • fio
  • bonnie++
  • storagecapacity
StorPerf storperf
NSB vFW thoughput test case New Test cases


Yardstick Gambia 7.2.0 adds no new test cases.

  • Generic NFVI test cases
  • (e.g.) OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TCO84 - SPEC CPU 2006 for VM
  • HA Test cases
  • (e.g.) OPNFV_YARDSTICK_TC093 - SDN Vswitch resilience in non-HA or HA configuration

1.1.7. Version Change Module Version Changes

This is the seventh tracked release of Yardstick. It is based on following upstream versions:

  • OpenStack Queens
  • OpenDayLight Oxygen Document Version Changes

This is the seventh tracked version of the Yardstick framework in OPNFV. It includes the following documentation updates:

  • Yardstick User Guide:
    • Remove vTC chapter;
  • Yardstick Developer Guide
  • Yardstick Release Notes for Yardstick: this document Feature additions

  • Simplify Yardstick installation to use a single ansible playbook (nsb_setup.yaml)….
  • Spirent support.
  • vEPC testcases.
  • Agnostic VNF tests cases for reuse of standard RFC-2544 test case.
  • PROX enhancements and the addition of Standalone test case using SRIOV and OVS-DPDK.
  • Ixia enhancements for vBNG and PPPoE traffic.
  • Improvements of unit tests and gating.
  • Add DPDK pktgen traffic generator.
  • Kubernetes context enhancements.
  • Kubernetes sample test cases of fio and lmbench added.

1.1.8. Scenario Matrix

For Gambia 7.2.0, Yardstick was tested on the following scenarios:

Scenario Apex Compass Fuel-arm Fuel
os-nosdn-nofeature-noha X      
os-nosdn-nofeature-ha X      
os-odl-bgpvpn-noha X      
os-nosdn-calipso-noha X      
os-nosdn-kvm-ha   X    
os-odl-nofeature-ha     X X
os-odl-sfc-noha X      
os-nosdn-ovs-ha       X
k8-nosdn-nofeature-ha   X    
k8-nosdn-stor4nfv-noha   X    
k8-nosdn-stor4nfv-ha   X    

1.1.9. Test results

Test results are available in: Known Issues/Faults Corrected Faults

Gambia 7.2.0:

YARDSTICK-1512 [dovetail] split the sla check results into process recovery and service recovery for HA test cases.

1.1.10. Gambia 7.2.0 known restrictions/issues